BLAKE AND RACHEL WORK WITH ONEELEVEN GLOBAL to see every nation sing to Jesus.

There is a deep cry in the nations’ hearts for a song.

As we study the Scriptures, we realize that there is a greater task at hand than just making converts — God’s desire is to have worshippers who praise Him night and day, and who grow into mature disciples with the Word of Christ dwelling in them deeply.

We are answering this global ache for a song by sustaining, training, and proclaiming. First, we help sustain communities of continuous worship and prayer. These serve a great purpose — “The Great Commandment” of loving God with all of our hearts. Secondly, through training programs we equip and disciple people in singing the Word. This is the kind of discipleship that the Apostle Paul talked about in Colossians 3 when he says, ”Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.” Finally, songs are the fuel for the Great Commission to proclaim the truth of Jesus in all nations.


While OneEleven Global uses many tools to make the name of Jesus great everywhere, there is one powerful thread that weaves through them all. We believe God gave songs to draw the hearts of everyone — both of the lost and of the found — to love Him more. In singing, the great commandment and the great commission come together in loving God with all our hearts and making disciples of all nations.

“The connection between this singing awakening around the world and missions is amazing. To my knowledge there never has been music and singing at the forefront of missions like there is today. The global church is singing - singing to the Lord - singing new songs - and singing about the Lordship of God among the nations. Don’t miss out!”

JOHN PIPER, Desiring God Ministries

ENDORSEMENTS of oneeleven global

(and our directors, Murray and Deborah)

“I know of no couple that better understands the role of intercessory worship and its impact on the global harvest than Murray & Deborah Hiebert. God used Murray and Deborah to help us launch our prayer room at Every Home for Christ. Now, through the ministry of OneEleven Global, God is using them to train a new generation of young worshipers, who are taking this vision of worship and intercession to the nations.”

DICK EASTMAN, Every Home for Christ

“Murray & Deborah lead a team of passionate young people that are training and sending leaders around the world.  I have seen first hand not only the inspiration and instruction for worship and prayer, but immediate activation of missionaries that is impacting cities and nations around the world.”


“The OneEleven Global teams tirelessly pray, worship, and share the good news of Jesus. It’s a delight to see this emerging movement taking root all over the world! Their labor is bearing eternal fruit!”

DAVID PERKINS, Radiant Church

“Murray and Deborah’s steadfast obedience to the call of God on their lives through the vision of OneEleven Global is remarkable and deeply encouraging. I know few people with such a provoking passion and unwavering commitment to the glory of God. I can wholeheartedly attest that I support their endeavors with excitement, confidence and gratitude.“

BRIAN KIM, Antioch Center for Training and Sending (ACTS)

“Murray and Deborah and their growing team at OneEleven Global are working tirelessly to serve the body of Christ in the nations by teaching and training practical skills that produce fiery worshipers.”

MIKE BICKLE, International House of Prayer